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Computer Science Department Wiki

Welcome to the Computer Science (CS) Department Wiki website. Here you will find useful information regarding our department's operation, resources, and technologies available for both faculty and students.

Advising Center

Welcome to our CS Advising Center for Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Advising. The purpose of this center is to provide students assistance with academic planning, pre-registration advisement, and graduation preparations.

Further details

What is SRCIT?

The SRCIT system is a single resource for all of your research technology needs, that is designed to help you to spend more time on your research, rather than on IT support. It will help you to build up or utilize your research infrastructure, find, publish or share information and simplify the management of this infrastructure.

  • Scientific & Research Computing Information Technology, or SRCIT, was founded in June 2008 to support the technology requirements of the Stevens research community.
  • SRCIT includes physical servers, virtual machines, desktops, networking, and other hardware as long as some informational resources such as personal websites, wiki pages, version control systems, database servers, etc.

Where is SRCIT located?

  • Most of our infrastructure: computer servers, switches, storage servers, etc. are located in Datacenter in S.C. Williams Library, lower level. The Datacenter houses the computer systems and associated components and includes redundant power supplies, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls (e.g. air conditioning, fire suppression) and various security devices.
  • SRCIT systems are a part of the Computer Science Department, so it is managed by CS Department systems administrator and, partially, by Division of Information Technology. For any requests, regarding server and desktop hardware, software, printers or access to SRCIT systems, please contact US.

How to take advantage of research and academic computing support, provided by SRCIT?

  • You can start by requesting an SRCIT, sometimes referred to as a Linux lab, account at IT Service Desk.

Contact US

Problems, Concerns, and other Requests

During the current campus closure, all technical support will be provided remotely. If you require technical support, we ask that you search the Knowledge Base for help. If you cannot find an answer to your question or a solution to your problem in the Knowledge Base, the most expedient method to receive support is to submit a service request (ticket) through the IT Service Desk ticketing system. This will ensure your request is visible to all User Support Services staff and can be routed to the appropriate person to address your specific issue.

For any and all SRCIT-related requests that require attention, please file a ticket at MyStevens->Computer Science Department Support. For special requests, please, contact directly the Computer Science Department systems administrator or IT Help Desk.

Division of Information Technology Service Desk

Due to the high volume of people working remotely, we have established a new support hotline to allow User Support Services staff to better assist you. This hotline has enhanced call routing features that will make the process of delivering your call directly to a remote User Support Services staff member more efficient. The hotline number to call is 201-380-6599. This hotline will be available throughout the remainder of the current campus closure

User Support Services
(201) 380-6599

General Inquiries and Collaboration

We want to collaborate with you in order to benefit your research! Our goal is to help foster research at Stevens by providing the computational resources and tools you need.

If you have any general questions or inquiries about SRCIT you may contact us by email at

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  • Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.